Funny Christmas Card Sayings

What is Christmas without greeting cards? Can you imagine not receiving at least one of them? Well, I guess not. Cards are better if they include funny Christmas card sayings, which will make them different from the typical boring Christmas messages inside greeting cards.

Tips on Making Funny Christmas Cards

Next Christmas, you may opt to buy the ready-made cards with funny Christmas card sayings

available at bookstores. You may, however, find them more expensive than making your own personalized version. Creating your own may give you a hard time to think of funny Christmas card quotes, especially if you want to impress the recipient by being unique. So, here are some funny Christmas card ideas to help you get started, which you could use when the happiest time of the year comes.

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have gathered all the materials that you need. These involve paper, glue, glitter, paint, pencils and other optional materials that you wish to put in your greeting card. Always remember to put on a newspaper on your working area so you won’t create a mess once you start working.
  1. Now comes the design concept. What do you think suits the personality of the card receiver? Is she young, or she likes more mature style? Gather additional materials if necessary, depending on the design you have figured out in mind. It can be a personalized family photo card, pop-up, with poems, or even with the glittery Christmas trees. Be creative and imaginative, and for sure, you will come up with something appealing to the eyes.
  1. Make sure you do it slowly but surely. You won’t want for your greeting card to look like a mess. That way, the receiver will likely to appreciate it more.
  1. Think about unique but interesting and funny Christmas cards quotes.


Funny Christmas Card Sayings

Here are some funny holiday greeting card sayings you can find online:

  • “Environmental specialists predicted that Santa will run out of sufficient coal for stockings at recent consumption rates, so stop being naughty person!”
  • “I got this envelope today from the department store. Best of all, they included this Christmas card along.”
  • “I can’t think of a better gift to give you this Christmas, so I just made this card for you.”
  • “Ironic as it may seem, but it is obvious that every Christmas, our tummies grow bigger but our wallet becomes thinner. Merry Christmas!”
  • “Wishing you a Christmas filled with all the stress, anger, pressures, and freezing weather. Yes, I am just being realistic.”
  • “This is probably the most precious and touching Christmas message you’ll ever gonna read. Note: I found this on the internet.”
  • “Merry, merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s resolution failure.”
  • “I got you a new CAR as a present for this Christmas day. Oops… I meant CARD. Whoever says CAR?”


On a final note, remember to take into consideration whether or not the receiver is appreciative with these kind of jokes or funny Christmas card sayings. You won’t want to give something that will upset the receiver, especially this holiday season. Also, make sure to send your greeting cards for as early as two weeks before the holiday celebration. Make sure the receiving date will be just in time for Christmas.